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Wow with Wreaths - Simple styles you can create yourself

I realize that it's Spring and decorating wreaths for Winter is probably the furthest thing from your mind right now. However, I believe sharing ideas that can be referred back to over and over again is always a good idea, regardless of the time of year.

plain wreath noble

Wreaths are such a fun decoration. They come in a variety of sizes and styles and the plain ones are a blank canvas that you can really make into your own signature piece. Within minutes and with only a few supplies you can customize your wreath to reflect your own personal style or decorating theme.

seeded eucalyptus

One way to customize a wreath is to add natural elements such as the Seeded Eucalyptus shown above. These accents can be tucked firmly into the branches and frame of the wreath, almost weaving them in, so that the accent stays put without anything else needed to hold it in. This is ideal if your accent has a "stem" to it, such as in this example.

pine cone white glitter

green wire cut wire paddle wire

Another great way to add accents to a wreath is with wire. Pine cones are a great example of an accent where wire is the best choice. They don't have a stem on them so you can't really tuck them into a wreath and expect them to stay, especially if the wreath is being used outdoors where there is wind. Green straight cut wire or paddle wire is designed to blend in with the evergreen foliage and is available in different sizes and thicknesses so you can find the perfect one for your project. Simply wrap the wire around the cone, tucking it into the cone and then twisting the wire around a sturdy branch on the wreath or even into the frame if the wire is long enough.

Lastly, you can add artificial decorations like ornaments to your wreath with hot glue. Using glue pillows melted in a glue pan or by using a glue gun, adhering the decoration to the wreath while the glue is hot will allow it to stick pretty much anywhere on the wreath. I know it sounds like hot glue wouldn't be good for a fresh wreath, but what happens is the glue hardens right underneath the decoration and creates a strong bond on the greenery. You don't see the glue and it doesn't discolor the greenery anywhere else because the glue is contained to the spot right under the decoration.

And that is it! Three simple ways you can add a variety of accents to your fresh wreaths. Now, go get creative!

Do you have photos of wreaths that you have decorated? We would love the see them! Please share your wreath creations on our Facebook page at the following link: We can't wait to see them!

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