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Five Garland Styles You Will Love

A garland is just a garland...right? Well, actually no, it's not. There's "roping-style" (which is thinner), "garland-style" which is thicker, single-greenery garland. Then there is multi/mixed greenery garland, short garland, long garland, fence garland, table runner garland, mantel garland....well, you get the idea. There are a lot of different garlands and even more ways to use them. In fact, this product is so versatile that I want to share five garland styles you can use during the next holiday season.

garland, roping, staircase, banister, Christmas

Garland Styles 1 & 2 - Single Green Garland and Mixed Greens Garland

Take this photo above for example. On the banister it there is a "roping-style" thinner garland framing both sides of the stairway. This garland also features a nice contrast of fir and pine making it a "multi-green" or "mixed" style garland. On the mantel, it appears that a thicker-style garland has been unrolled. It seems to be made from only one type of fir and therefore is a "single-green" garland. The result of having both styles in one area is the creation of a soothing space, accented mostly with fresh natural materials. By limiting the types of greenery used to 1-2 varieties and simply changing up the thickness of the garland based on where it is used, a clean and simple, minimal design style has been achieved.

porch garland pillar wrap mixed thick Christmas winter

Garland Style 3 - Longer Garlands

This photo above showcases a longer garland which is ideal for along a fence-line or wrapping around pillars and draping across a porch. In this example, a thicker-style garland with many types of greenery is used along with lights being woven in for added effect at night.

door garland frame entryway Christmas

Garland Style 4 - Shorter "Door Garlands"

This style has been growing in popularity in recent years due to the ease of simply framing the front door with a shorter (14-15 foot) garland versus handling the longer length styles. The shorter length is oftentimes more time and budget-friendly, allowing one to splurge on thicker more embellished styles that feature many different greens and foliage.

table runner garland Christmas dinner celebration

Garland Style 5 - Table Runner and Mantel Garlands

This is the shortest style garland and oftentimes is the most decorative due to where it is used. The average length of this garland is 4-6 feet and often features added decorations such as ornaments, berries, and pine cones. Many varieties of evergreens can be found in this garland style along with other foliage varieties for contrast.

I recently stumbled across a Southern Living article that featured many different styles and uses of garlands. One of my favorite photos in the article was this one below that shows how you can add photos and/or Christmas cards to your garland. Such a cute idea!

garland photos cards idea Christmas memories
Photo Credit: Southern Living (Laurey W. Glenn)

Hopefully, I have inspired you to think outside of more traditional uses of garlands and get creative during the holiday season. Whether short or long, simple or elaborate, thick or thin....there is a garland style for everyone and there are endless ways you can use it. Be inspired and use garland to create a festive mood in your space this season.

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