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Why Pine Cones are Perfect in your Home All Year

I absolutely love pine cones! They are the perfect decor item...neutral on their own (unless you add paint or glitter to them), they are 100% natural, and they will last from year-to-year if you handle them carefully. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, look great individually, but also work well grouped in a bowl or container. I don't think Mother Nature has blessed us with a more diverse and inexpensive decorating staple than the pine cone.

pine cone, natural, brown

If you are not a "crafter DIY type", you can simply decorate with natural pine cones. However, with even a little bit of creativity, pine cones can be easily transformed into bird-feeders or many other creative masterpieces.

Here are 12 ideas to inspire for each month of the year! (Hint: Click the title link to be taken to that project!)

January DIY Winter Pine Cone Wreath Tutorial

Valentine Wreath Pine Cones Red White Pink February

Spring Pine Cone Wreath Tutorial March

Pine Cone Bunnies Easter April Kids Craft

Pine Cone Zinnias Flowers Spring May

DIY Pine Cone Fire Starters June

Pine Cone Pineapple August DIY Craft

Candy Corn Pine Cones September Fall DIY Paint

Easy Pine Cone Bats Halloween October Fall Craft Kids

November Thanksgiving Pine Cone Place Card Holders

Cinnamon Scented Pine Cones DIY

We would LOVE to see what you create with pine cones! Won't you please share your creations with us? Please send project details and photos via email to: Thanks!

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