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Into the Unknown

As we are all deep into the "Stay Home and Stay Safe" of the new Covid world, this song from Frozen II popped into my mind. It certainly feels like the unknown right now.

Then the rabbit-trail, that is my brain these days, got me thinking about Disney's Frozen movie(s). Possibly because my youngest daughter has watched Frozen II...5 times in the last week during her "Spring Break" ( a term I use loosely). Nevertheless, next week..."school" resumes and that makes me think about education. (Yes, my mind is jumping around a lot these days).

So "Into the Unknown" ...which led to Frozen... and then education got me thinking about my good friend Scott Wiesler over at JRM Chemical and the cool products his company produces. I reached out to him and asked if he would be my "Guest Blogger" for April and he agreed! I asked him to share about two of his products, Snow Real and Tree Moist/Tree Moist Plus since they are products that relate the closest to our products.

Snow Real, in my opinion, would be a great product to use for creating a life-like Frozen playland for use with characters from those movies. It's safe and non-toxic, which Scott will share. The bonus? These are polymers so it's the perfect opportunity to squeeze in an at-home science lesson during this homebound Covid times.

So let's take a break from all the Covid talk, shall we? Here's what Scott had to say...

Bring glistening snow inside your home by using Snow Real, instant decorative snow. Snow Real is a non-toxic polymer crystal, that when added with water, instantly becomes incredibly fluffy and glistening – just like real snow. Use with holiday displays, table centerpieces, silk flower or candle arrangements, school projects and more… The one-ounce retail bag makes two quarts of snow. Simply spritz the snow every few days with water to continue to enjoy your indoor real snow. Also available in an 8 oz jar (makes 16 quarts of snow) and bulk five-pound pail.

Are you tired of continuously watering your live cut Christmas tree? By using Tree Moist or Tree Moist Plus, water-storing polymer crystals, you can reduce the frequency of your tree waterings. These non-toxic, polymer crystals store and release moisture back to the cut tree. Easy to use, simply add the crystals in the tree stand and water. Check your water level every few days. Tree Moist Plus adds a preservative in addition to the water retention crystals for long-lasting fresh, lush appeal. Both Tree Moist and Tree Moist Plus retail bags will treat a one-gallon tree stand. Spills and mess will be reduced. If the crystals spill, simply sweep up. The crystals will not stain or harm carpet and hardwood floors.

Want to learn more about these and other products? Check out our friends at JRM Chemical.

(Spoiler Alert! They have cool shapes too for other holidays.....start planning your creepy Halloween activities now!)

JRM Chemical

4881 NEO Parkway

Cleveland, OH 44128


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