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Makeover Your Mantel with these 3 Easy Steps

If you think you need to have a degree in interior design to get your mantel insta-perfect for the holidays...think again! In just three easy steps, you can create the perfect Christmas/Winter mantel!

Step 1: Use Fresh Greens

There is SUCH a visual difference between faux and fresh, especially when it comes to choosing what to put on your mantel. I may be biased, but when you use fresh greenery on your mantel, it truly creates the mood for the entire space. As soon as someone enters the room their eyes are drawn to the mantel. By accentuating that focal point of the room, you create the ambiance and overall feel of the space. If you are worried about protecting the paint on your mantel, first cover it in clear plastic and then decorate with your mantelpiece, garland, or branches.

2. Choose Natural Accents

Be sure to incorporate natural elements such as pine cones into your mantel decor designs. It's an inexpensive way to create a natural, simple, minimalist yet classic look that increases the feeling of connectivity to nature. Other great natural elements to add into fresh greenery on a mantel include: acorns, real berries, branches, and fresh foliage.

3. Choose a Subtle Color/Theme

Less is truly more when it comes to adding color and "theme-ing" to your mantel. In fact, selecting an accent color and then incorporating everyday things from around the house in that color, will work just as well as hunting down the perfect store-bought ornaments and decor. The goal is to create a "feeling" in the room and oftentimes that is better achieved by subtle nuances rather than an in-your-face theme. After all, you have things in your home that you put there because you love and enjoy them, so accentuate their beauty by incorporating them into your overall design. By doing so, you will create a space that is uniquely yours and inviting to be in.

The internet is filled with tons of inspiring mantel decorating images. To get you started, you can find fifty-nine of them on as well as several of our favorites on our Magnificent Mantels Pinterest board. So grab a cup of (insert beverage of choice) and begin to plan how you will create your own Magnificent Mantel! It will be as easy as 1-2-3.

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