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Top Spaces Often Overlooked When Decorating

It's so easy when decorating to think about the fireplace, the living room, and the front porch. But what about other areas of your home (and life)? Today I am going to share the top spaces often overlooked when decorating for the holidays.

1. The Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in a home, yet it is often overlooked when decorating for Christmas. You may put out decorative items when serving food during a party, but what about the everyday use of the kitchen? Is it inspiring you with the fragrance of fresh evergreens clipped and tucked into a vase? Or what about a small real Christmas tree tucked into the corner?

2. The Bathroom

It doesn't matter if you are decorating a large room with a sunken bathtub or a small little half-bath off a kitchen, bathrooms are a great spot for some fresh greenery, a small wreath, or piece of garland on a mirror. Not to mention, the natural fragrance from the evergreens will help to off-set some other, ahem, natural fragrances that occur in the bathroom!

3. The Bedroom

When you drift off to sleep in a bedroom like this one, you won't have visions of sugar plums dancing in your head, but you might dream of beautiful evergreen forests! As we have shared in previous blog posts like this one, there are health benefits of breathing in the scent of fresh evergreens. So don't overlook the bedroom as a place to make space for some holiday accents this season.

4. Windows

Windows are a frame of the outside world, so accent that frame with some beautiful greenery! Whether it is a garland draped around a window, greenery sprigs across the top, or a wreath in the center, adding evergreens to this often-neglected space is sure to make your season brighter.

5. Cars

truck mountains evergreens forests cars

When you aren't home to enjoy your fresh holiday decorations, then take them on the road with you! What started off as the truck-trend of tying wreaths to the front grille of a tractor-trailer has spawned an entire movement. There's even a drive-in wreath service in one town's nursery where wreaths and garlands are tied onto cars as decorations. Once the outside is all decked out in holiday finery, don't forget to add a sprig or two inside your car for instant mood-boosting fragrance on the go. Maybe it will help to calm you during your commute time!

Hopefully I have sparked ideas in your mind of spaces to decorate this season that you might not have thought of before. Be sure to send us photos of your spaces....we want to see them!

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