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How to Love your Winter Decorations in February

heart evergreens

The ornaments have been packed away and the Elf on the Shelf has returned to the North Pole. The fresh evergreen wreath on your front door and the garland gracefully draping along your porch still looks good...except for those candy cane print bows. They just don't seem to work now that it's not December. The evergreens used in the wreath and garland still look fresh, so you hate to throw them away but can you really leave them up now that it's not Christmas? You bet you can!

Fresh evergreens that have been harvested at the proper time (which is after the trees have had a hard frost) will last a long time in colder climates because their needles have been "set" by that frost. In fact, in colder climates, these evergreen decorations can last for several months outdoors and still look visually appealing.

winter hearts snow

The next major decorating holiday after Christmas is Valentine's Day, and with three simple decorating tricks, you can give your Christmas decorations an updated, refreshed look for Valentine's Day.


red berry heart winter

Are there red twig dogwood branches or winterberry in your porch pots? Perfect! Just leave those vibrant accents alone because red is the main color for Valentine's Day. Now you can simply incorporate other subtle touches of colors like pinks and whites. Try a few white painted birch branches or white-tipped pine cones tucked among the fresh cut branches or if you prefer, kitschy little picks with cupids for a fun and whimsical touch.

evergreens red white heart

Don't dismiss any heart-shaped ornaments from Christmas either or ornament balls in reds, pinks, and whites. Just because they are ornaments, doesn't mean you can't use them now. If that red velvet bow on your wreath is looking a little "heavy"....lighten it up with a white lace one. You don't need to go overboard with a ton of accents...less is definitely more. Simply add light little touches here and there but be sure not to overpower your evergreens. Let them still take center stage....everything else is an accent and combined you will create the overall "feel" of Valentine's Day.

heart pink berries

heart birch tree

white tipped pine cones snow

One of my favorite ways to refresh natural decor is by adding pine cones. In my opinion, pine cones are the perfect year round accent. To create some Valentine's Day love for your decor, try wiring pine cones into your garland or your wreath if it doesn't already have them. You can also tuck them among the fresh evergreens in your porch pot or sit a few out on our mantle. Indoors, you can cluster them together into a bowl or clear vase. They can be natural in color or painted red, white, or pink. Just the tips of the pine cones can also be painted for a completely different look.

pink painted pine cones

red glitter sparkle

white glitter iridescent sparkle

Sometimes in life, you just need to add a little glitter! If sparkle is your thing, go ahead and sprinkle a little onto your fresh decorations. As the days start to get longer, the extra hours of sunlight will catch those flecks and add some dazzle to your displays.

Try one or all of these ideas to give a Valentine's Day face-lift to your Christmas decorations and extend the use of the natural evergreens that you have invested in for another month.

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