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Branching Out - Go Out on a Limb with these Accents

Branches. They take center stage as the "thriller" component of every good porch pot recipe, they stand tall on their own - a focal point in their own right, and they trim up nicely to accent wreaths and smaller decorations. Branches have year-round appeal and have such texture and style that their use is almost a necessity.

Let's start small and go big - smaller diameter branches (Red Twig Dogwood, Yellow Twig Dogwood, Birch Branches, and Curly Willow) are perfect for trimming down to the desired length and inserted into wreaths and swags. Check out an example - the Red Twig Dogwood branches are trimmed down and used as a component of our Berries-N-Branches Wreath.

Branches are most widely used as the "thriller" in the "spiller-thriller-filler" recipe of any good porch pot. Last season, several of our customers shared their photos with us showcasing how branches were used in their designs (Hint: Click on the photo to be taken to that company's website or Facebook page)

Petitti Garden Center uses our products for the winter Porch Pots

It's not only the skinny branches that find their way into porch pot designs. Larger diameters of Birch Poles create a focal point in the pot arrangements that can't be surpassed by any other component. It's unique, special, and very much on-trend.

If you think that branches are only for Christmas and Winter - think again! Our Branches board on Pinterest with definitely spark creativity for using branches year round! From natural branches to painted ones - how will you "branch out" in your next designs?

Are you a retailer and want to be featured in a future blog post? Be sure to share with us photos of your designs, workshops, and more! You never know when we will do a surprise sharing blog post! We love to see (and share) what our customers are doing.

Not a retailer but do some really cool decorating with fresh greenery, branches, and more? Send us your photos too! We love to see what creative ideas people are coming up with! Don't forget to include your contact information so we can get back in touch with you.

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