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3 Ways to Use Evergreens That You Never Thought Of Before

We all know you put a wreath on a door, you decorate a railing with a garland, and you put an evergreen centerpiece on a table. These are all common places you can find fresh greenery during the holidays. However, what about those times when you aren't home to enjoy the fragrance? Or those small, overlooked spaces in your home? What about gift-giving (and not in the traditional sense)? Today I'm going to share three ways to use evergreens that you probably never thought of before.

1. As a Gift-Wrap Accent

Why not swap out the ribbon and bow (as seen in the first photo) with twine and a sprig of fresh evergreens? You can use a little hot glue from a glue gun right behind the greenery to hold it in place on the paper and keep it from falling off. For best results, add this finishing accent to your wrapped package within a few hours of giving your gift.

2. In Small Spaces

evergreens car accent fragrance

Forget about those faux-fragrance car vent clips or hangers and go for nature's own fragrance instead. Simply tie a few pieces of evergreens together and hang from the rearview mirror or clip small branches to the car's air vent and allow the natural aromatherapy from the greenery to fill your car with the natural seasonal scent. This blog post I wrote explains how the scent from fresh evergreens has healthy benefits.

small space fragrance evergreens toilet bathroom

Your car is a small space but so is a bathroom. Instead of that faux-fragrance-in-a-can on the back of the toilet, place a fresh greenery centerpiece or vase to add natural fragrance (that will help offset OTHER natural fragrances!)

3. In a Clear Vase

vase evergreens clear glass cut flower water

The blog 33 Shades of Green had this great example of using fresh holly, berries, and evergreens submerged in a glass vase. Whether submerged or simply cut and placed into a clear vase of water (just like fresh cut flowers stems) fresh greens and branches can create a beautiful decorative accent anywhere in your home or office at work. What a unique way to brighten your work day during the holiday season with some fresh greens right at your desk!

These are just three simple ways to use fresh evergreens in your home, car, and life that might be a little unexpected and non-traditional. Hopefully I have inspired you to think outside of the "normal" and come up with your own list of innovative ways to use greenery.

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