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We are so much more than just decor.

Our products are a sustainable and restorative solution to our hyper-busy, stressed out lives.

We source almost all of our natural products in the USA.  Trained arborists harvest the fresh branches by carefully thinning the trees which actually keeps the trees healthy. Plus, when the season is over, you can dispose of the decorations in an eco-friendly way. The natural materials are great for composts and natural animal habitats.

Did you know that decor using fresh cut branches of evergreens gives off phytoncides, which are natural essential aromatic oils that are excreted by plants and trees? So not only are these decorations beautiful, studies show that they actually have mental and physical health benefits simply by being around them. 

After working in the wholesale floral industry for many years, Mike Boost saw something that the industry sorely needed.

Our Story
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What it needed was a dedicated source just for fresh Christmas greenery. So, in 1990 he launched M&M Wintergreens Inc. to fill that need in the industry. 

In 1999, his daughter Shannon (Boost) Kuhrt joined him full-time. Together this father - daughter team with the help of their exceptional seasonal staff, have brought a trend-setting and innovative mix of products to the market

year after year. 

Over the years, the horticulture industry has evolved and changed. Mike and Shannon have been leading the industry when it comes to fresh Christmas and Winter decor, yet keeping close to their hearts the feeling of family and extending that to employees and customers alike. 

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