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The Science of Color - Why Green is Calming

It's in our name (M&M WinterGREENs Inc.) and it's the color chosen for our logo. That's because our main product line comes from evergreen trees. Have you ever really stopped and thought about the color green though?

evergreens trees forest

Well, take the evergreen trees for example. They are for"ever" green...which is a good thing in the winter when everything seems gray and barren covered in a blanket of white. The evergreen trees provide one of the only colors available in nature in the winter, at least in northern areas. Maybe that is the reason that for many people, the color green is so heavily associated with nature. Since there is scientific evidence that biologically, our bodies relaxation response is activated when we are connected to nature, it stands to reason that visually even seeing the color green can be relaxing for some people. This article actually goes so far as to say that "Green is known to help alleviate depression, nervousness, and anxiety."

eyes seeing color green

What is interesting is that there are so many shades of green that our eyes see and each shade or hue can have different meanings for different people. Brighter "lime" shades can be refreshing and motivating for some and darker hues can be relaxing for others. It really depends on each person, and how their background and culture influences their individual perception of colors.

lime green growth new fresh tree

forest nature evergreens relaxing

What about you? How do you feel when you look at these photos? Does the brighter one make you feel refreshed and ready to tackle your next task? Does the one with evergreens soothe you? The science of color really depends on perception and that can be quite different from person to person. Overall, however, most people find the color green soothing.

Want to have some fun with the color green? This quiz will tell you what color green you are (mine came back "mint green"...not sure if I agree with everything it said, but it was fun to do). Want to really find out if green is calming for you personally? Go spend some time outdoors in nature or check out this YouTube video below to see if the green visuals along with soothing music and nature sounds mellow you out. You have nothing to lose and only some relaxing calmness to gain.

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