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Spring Thaw? How to Recycle your Fresh Decorations

As much as we love our fresh Christmas and Winter decorations, the time eventually comes to recycle them as the seasons change into Spring. The fact that these decorations can be recycled is such a beautiful thing for our planet.

Recycle Christmas/Winter Decorations

If you have an evergreen wreath, simply flip the wreath over and using cutters, snip the wire that is holding the greenery to the frame. The wire and frame can be recycled and the fresh greenery can be used in a compost bin or a mulch bed.

Compost Christmas/Winter Decorations

The National Christmas Tree Association has many tips for how Christmas trees can be recycled and the same is true for wreaths, garlands, swags, porch pot branches, and more.

Use Christmas/Winter decorations for nest building

Larger branches can be layered into beds in the yard or tucked into bushes to create a nice habitat for a nest. Not only can the branches be a place to build a nest, the drying needles and pieces can be used as components of a nest by our feathered friends. Leftover pine cones can even be used to make bird feeders as a fun craft, especially for young children.

So, just because Spring is here, it doesn't mean this is the end of your fresh evergreen decorations. Help them take on a brand new life in different ways and help care for our planet at the same time.

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